Providing Person-Centered Care and Support

As we start to say hello to 2022, we have to take a moment to consider that it been nearly 2 years since we first experienced the pandemic! As we look at plans for the year, we are really mindful to factor in continuing to stay safe in all that we do.

We will be working hard at ensuring the services we provide continue to best meet the needs of the people we support.

We will continue to ensure the staff know how skilled and essential they are for so many people.

We know that social care isn’t the sector for everyone and we know that it isn’t recognised for the positive impact that it has but we will try to do our best at continuing to appropriately remind people of this where we can.

We will be spending time in 2022 looking at how we can continue the success we have had from our work within the area of digitalisation. We have had some amazing support through donations from Trusts and Foundations, supporting our ongoing work to upskill our organisation and ensure the skills are cascaded throughout the organisation in ways that suits everybody’s abilities. This will also support our efforts in looking at our carbon footprint and considering how we can build this into the work that we do.

I am sure as the year unfolds we will have all manner of plans to work with or relook at depending on what the year throws at us in all different ways! Whatever the year brings we will see our amazing teams working throughout the 365 days of the year supporting people to achieve their chosen outcomes.

Louise De Bruyne 


Way Ahead Support Services is a non profit making organisation  which has   been supporting vulnerable individuals for over fifty years in and around Warwickshire. When the service started, we were known as Mid Warwickshire Mencap. The initial service was developed by parents and carers who had children with learning disabilities and found limited support available.


Way Ahead Support Services provides person-centered care and support to vulnerable individuals, which includes home based support. Ages range from 18 – 65+ years. Service user bands include individuals with the following: learning and physical disabilities, individuals on the Autistic Spectrum, mental health, dementia, and sensory impairment.

Over the years, we have grown and our services currently include Supported Living and Day Service Activities

which ensure care and support is delivered in an enabling way.  Encouraging the individual to take control of their lives and to be as independent as possible. Support is offered using a Person-Centered approach in the way that meets the individual’s specific needs.



Empowering Individuals to have choice and control over how and when their support is delivered

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Our Supported Living Service, supports individuals with various aspects of living independently; supporting them with their own tenancies, budgeting their finances; being part of the local community, support with personal care following assessment, to access appropriate medical services, support with advocacy and to look at educational and employment opportunities. This is not an exhaustive list and for most individuals these areas will be broken down further. The individual will have a full assessment and then support is provided to meet the needs identified with them.



Our Day Service Activities promote positive interaction with others, developing creativity and building confidence. It aims to reduce isolation, which can have a negative impact on an individual’s mental health and well-being. We have a building based activity service  located in Leamington Spa which run meaningful activity sessions throughout the week. In addition to this we also provide 1-1 support to individuals to access activities of their choice.

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