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Here at Way Ahead Support Services we are all for asking for directions or being signposted to the right place which is why we hope our Information Hub helps anyone looking for a little direction.

We want you to be able to keep up to date with what's going on in the social care sector both locally and nationally and how this affects what we do as provider in the sector.

Covid-19 continues to dominate the news but there are many other things happening in social care both locally and nationally which we wanted to bring together in one place for people to look at.

Please get in touch if you feel that there is something that people may find useful for us to include on our Information Hub page.


Citizens Advice 

Warwick District Foodbank 

Cost of Living Advice Warwickshire

Warwickshire Safeguarding

Brunswick Hub

Packmores Community Centre

Sydni Centre

Mental Health Access Hubs


Skills For Cares Workforce Intelligence website has a wealth of information about our sector. 

'We are Skills for Care’s Workforce Intelligence Team, the experts in adult social care workforce insight.

Skills for Care, as the leading source of adult social care workforce intelligence, helps to create a better-led, skilled and valued adult social care workforce. We provide practical tools and support to help adult social care organisations in England recruit, retain, develop and lead their workforce. We work with employers and related services to ensure dignity and respect are at the heart of service delivery.

We’re commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care to collect data on adult social care providers and their workforce via the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (previously named National Minimum Data Set for Social Care). For over 10 years we’ve turned this data into intelligence and insight that's relied upon by the Government and across our sector.'

Skills For Care


Making a Difference

Here at Way Ahead we are looking at ways to reduce our waste to ensure that we are contributing to the efforts to make a greener and cleaner future for everyone. Due to Covid we have seen a massive increase in our usage of masks which is why we decided early on to ensure that our masks are recycled rather than becoming land fill. 


During 2023 we will be aiming to reduce our paper usage across all of  our services by  digitalizing our paperwork.

We are currently looking at other ways to become greener and will be participating in local and national projects to help us to be able to achieve our plans. 

Watch this space


Book Launch

Our book has now been published and we are extremely proud of the achievement of ensuring that peoples thoughts and feelings about the past 2 years. The book highlights peoples strength and resilience in the face of the pandemic. 


If you would like a copy please contact us.

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